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Skin Cancer Treatment and Prevention – By Dr. melvin Elson

Of all the cancers, skin cancer is by far the most common type. Although, there are many forms of skin cancer some of which are quite rare, there are 3 that account for 99% of skin cancers—basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma.

The most common type of skin cancer and the most common type of cancer overall is basal cell carcinoma. It is due to sun exposure, particularly the shorter wavelength that is also the sunburn spectrum and is blocked with the use of sunscreen. There are about 1,000,000 people in the United States with this cancer and it appears in a variety of forms, but mostly as a sore that does not heal or an area of the skin that begins to bleed. It is almost exclusively located in sun exposed areas, especially the face and hands.

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer prevention and treatmentsRarely does it metastasize—go to distant parts of the body, but it is also known as a rodent ulcer, because it eats the skin away in the area. This can be especially troublesome near the eye or in a crease in the face, e.g. near the nose. Usually treatment is curative and if caught early will usually not leave a bad scar. If not caught early, it may require what is known as Moh’s surgery which can be very destructive and require reconstruction. It is so easy to prevent by using a sunscreen with SPF 15-30 on a daily basis.

Less common is squamous cell carcinoma, which arises in an area of chronically damaged skin. It can arise in a leg ulcer of long-standing duration, in an area of chronic dermatitis and the most virulent area is the lip or mouth where it comes from use of tobacco. Treatment is surgical or irradiation and usually turns out well unless the lesion is on the lip, whereas it can be deadly.

The most virulent of all skin cancers and one of the worst of all is malignant melanoma. There are about 55,000 cases a year and has a number of factors that contribute to its development. Sunburns in childhood seem to increase the chance of having one and the use of tanning beds definitely increases the chance of having one. Treatment is surgical excision with a wide margin. No other treatment is effective and if not caught in the early stage will lead to death of the patient.

As a reminder, I offer free skin cancer screening here in the office. The only requirement is that you make an appointment, so call 615 441 5227 to schedule. This could save your life.

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La Peau Skincare Antioxidant Products - Dr. Melvin Elson

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What is a Good Cosmetic Result? – By Dr. Melvin Elson

Good Cosmetic Result by Dr Melvin ElsonThere are many types of cosmetic procedures that are available this day and time. Some of them are invasive, i.e. they involve opening of the skin in some fashion be it surgery or liposuction or deep laser and there are those that are not particularly invasive, such as botulinum toxin injections and filling materials.

The issue I would like to address here is that regardless of the procedure the best result is the one in which the patient looks better—but still looks like herself. NOT DIFFERENT.

The worst thing you can say to someone who has had a procedure is that your procedure (insert face-lift, eye job, or filler) looks great. The correct response when things are done properly and goes well is that YOU look great, not your procedure.

Good Results and Cosmetic Procedures

This has come to be a common topic of conversation recently because of the publicity surrounding Renee Zellweger. She says she has had nothing done; however, for some reason—whatever that may be—she looks different. She does not look like herself. She may say it is due to her new lifestyle and it may be but whatever the cause, she looks like a different person.

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery or procedures can make a person look completely different and that may be the purpose if a gangster is trying to escape capture. But generally, people want to look better, not different. A skilled plastic surgeon or dermatologist knows this and works with the patient to achieve this goal—looking better, more rested, “looking as good as I feel” and on and on. When you see a result that gets a lot of publicity because things are not done properly that should not deter you from having a procedure that you want to make you look better and feel better about yourself. This is just one more key part of finding the skilled physician that you want to put your hands into.

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