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Healty Skin Tips for the Winter – By Dr. Melvin Elson

Winter is upon us and with it a number of problems Tricks for a healthy winter skin by Dr Melvin Elsonfor our skin. The air in the house is dry from the heat and the humidity is even lower outside. Remember dry skin is caused by lack of water and therefore water leaves the surface of the skin and the skin gets very dry, cracked and itchy—so called winter itch.

Winter itch is really due to loss of the water and cannot be replaced by simply applying oil to the skin. There are a few simple steps to do to keep your skin healthy and free from dryness and itching.

Simple Steps for a Healthier Skin in Winter

  1. Don’t use soap on your face or your body—soap is alkaline and will dry your skin

  2. Use a beauty bar or liquid cleanser for the face and body—Cetaphil is a good choice

  3. After washing your face and rinsing, leave a thin film of water on the face and apply a small amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly and leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes before wiping it off.

  4. For the body, after bathing or showering, pat dry, leave a film of water on the skin and apply baby oil. If possible leave it on

  5. For very dry skin, especially of the feet, apply Vaseline over water prior to going to bed and put on a pair of socks—in the morning the skin should be perfectly smooth

  6. Drink 8 glasses of water a day—this means water, not just liquid. Beer and Vodka do not count

  7. Keep the temperature in the bedroom no greater than 68 degrees

  8. If you are going to use an electric blanket, turn it on before you get in bed and then after you are in and warm, turn it off

  9. Use a humidifier in rooms like the bedroom that tend to be excessively dry—the kitchen does not need one because of the steam from cooking

  10. If your house is really dry and you get shocked walking across carpets etc, consider a humidifier for your entire heating system

  11. Keep plants in the house properly watered so they do not try to get moisture from the air

AND don’t forget there is sun every day in the winter just as there is in the summer so use your sunscreen as a daily part of your hygienic routine every morning.

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