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Botox injections in Nashville, an Update – By Dr. Melvin Elson

Although Botox® has become a household name and is now the most common medical procedure performed world-wide, it is not the only FDA approved botulinum toxin. There are actually 3 currently approved by the FDA that have the same actions—Botox, Dysport® and Xeomin®.

Although they all possess the ability to decrease muscular function and improve the appearance of wrinkles, the only one that is pure toxin (no extraneous proteins) is Xeomin. It has the same effect as Botox and same side-effects and may have less of a tendency to invoke any allergy as the extraneous proteins are absent. It is also less expensive than Botox.

Uses and Benefits of Botox

What are the uses for these materials? The most common is to improve the appearance of the frown line (the 11’s) on the forehead, but also uses in the face include improving forehead lines, crow’s feet, lip line-s, lines under the eyes and can produce a lift of the face (so called Nefertiti lift).

It is also used to decrease the fine wrinkles over the face and the décolleté. Additionally, these injections can decrease the pain from migraine headaches and decrease the problem of sweating under the arms and on the palms and soles.

The injections are not painful, have very few side-effects (most common is bruising especially around the eyes), and it must be remembered that there is a delay in its action since it is actually treating the underlying cause of the wrinkles, i.e. the muscles. Most commonly it begins to work in about 3 days, reaches its peak in 7-10 days and will last anywhere from 3-8 months depending on the area injected and the skill of the injector.

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