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Winter Excercise: Best Practices and Advices

Best tips for Winter Excersice by Dr. Melvin Elson MDIt certainly is true that winter is here and it is difficult to continue your exercise routine, but you really don’t have to give up running or walking outside. Just use a few tips to be able to be comfortable and still get in the exercise you need. You can maintain your level of fitness and your weight until Spring will eventually get here and then things will be even more enjoyable.

How to Keep Excercising on Winter?

First and really this is probably the most important. If you are on a road or even a sidewalk exercise going toward the traffic so you can be seen by the driver and you can see the driver and anticipate any movements. It is best if there is any traffic on the road your rout is taking you, not to use an iphone, etc.

If possible run into the wind going out and have the wind at your back coming back so that if you are perspiring the wind won’t blow on wet skin. You must protect your skin from the elements because temperatures even just below freezing can produce frostbite if you are out any length of time.

Be wary of your Skin!

Be sure to wear gloves—and even better are mittens, since the fingers will keep one another warm. Cover your head to prevent heat loss from the area. To prevent chaffing apply Vaseline to the most vulnerable areas—in between the thighs, the nipples and if your face is exposed and it is very cold, you can even apply a thin film of Vaseline for protection.

Always dress in layers, so that air is trapped in between each layer to increase the degree of warmth. It is possible, even in the winter, to become overheated and if so you can remove a layer or 2.

If the roads are icy or slick simply stay off them that day. There is no way to remain safe if you are sliding or if a car is sliding toward you. If you begin to feel sleepy or sluggish, stop and get to a safe place as soon as you can.

Winter running can be invigorating and just as much fun as it is in the summer, but use not only your legs, use your head!

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