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Benign Skin Tumors: What are they?

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding skin cancer, but there are many tumors that occur in and on the skin that are benign. First of all, it is necessary to remember that the term tumor does not refer to cancer, but to “swelling.”

What are Benign Tumors?

There are so many of the benign tumors that I will discuss only a few here. Probably the most common are skin tags, which are little floppy outpouches of the skin that occur where skin rubs against skin or clothing. So they are common on the neck and eyelids and can also occur between the thighs.

They are easily removed by a doctor and leave no scar, Seborrheic keratosis is an overgrowth of the outer skin and is usually dark in appearance, which is why they are sometimes confused with malignant melanoma.

However, they are totally benign and cannot become skin cancer, are easily removed by a doctor and leave very little scaring.

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