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The FDA and Filling Materials – What to Have in Mind?

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning regarding the side-effects of filling materials injected into the face. Although it is certainly true that every medical procedure has the potential for side-effects including fillers, one must look at the facts behind the issue.

Filling Materials: Some facts

The most serious side-effect listed is blindness, which is NOT a side-effect of fillers per se. It is a side-effect of injecting any material in the area of the frown lines and has been documented in fewer than a couple of dozen patients in over 50 years of injections into this area from fillers to fat to cortisone etc.

It is certainly possible to inject into a small blood vessels or against a blood vessel in the face and that may eventuate in an area of dead skin and a scar. I have had this side effect occur 3 times in the last 30 years I have been injecting and only once did it leave a scar.

The issue of Training

This entire issue brings to the fore another point and that is that there are too many inexperienced and untrained people injecting these substances some of whom are not even medical professionals. Every patient should check the credentials of the doctor they are contemplating getting these injections. The best case scenario is that he is a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience with injectables. Occasionally, a nurse injector who has been well trained and with a lot of experience can be well qualified.

Watch out for those who are injecting fillers and are not well trained, e.g. taking a weekend course to “learn” how to perform the procedure. It is very true in this situation for the buyer to really beware.

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