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An Explanation on Stem Cells

One of the new buzz words in the media is stem cells and there are already a number of products on the market that claim that they contain stem cells and they perform miraculous tasks. But, what are these and where are we as scientists in the process of utilizing them?

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to grow into another type of cell. The controversy that you may be familiar with is the use of embryonic stem cells, but there are adult cells that have the same potential—these are in the bone marrow and skin cells.

Researches on Stem Cells

There is a significant amount of research ongoing around the world as these cells have the potential to aid in the treatment of cancer to the appearance of aging. But there are no products on the market at the moment that have been proven to help the skin in any way.

There are many questions about these products on the market that claim they have stem cells and that they will provide benefit. First of all, where do the cells come from? How are they processed? How are these products formulated to get the stem cells in and activate them? And, of course, what clinical proof is there that the product does anything at all.

My Advice

What I can advise you at the moment is that if you are considering buying a product that claims there are stem cells in the product and that the product will decrease the appearance of aging of your skin, simply do not buy it.

There are; however, centers around the world that are not only performing good research but actually treating some diseases and getting results—from MS to spinal cord injuries, but these too are experimental and have a long way to go before they are standard and available treatments.

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