viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

SkinScam – Dying to be Beautiful

My latest book, SkinScam, has been on the market for about a year and I want to thank everyone who has purchased it and read it and for your comments. I still think it is very important for anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure to your face or even a new skin-care line to read this book.

How to Read this Book?

It details a number of things you should know about that can really influence what you have done. The training that is gone through to be able to perform these procedures and unfortunately procedures being done with very little or no training.

It discusses those items that you can apply to the skin that actually work and those that are mostly hype. But it doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of procedures being performed that have no science behind them. There are even “doctors” doing procedures that have no business going anywhere near you.

I even know of a doctor who taught in a hospital how to perform a new procedure that has been developed to improve the appearance of the face. Unfortunately, he was not in practice and not even licensed. So how did he “learn” how to do this? THE INTERNET

Things are really going from bad to worse in the cosmetic field as to all the people entering who have no business doing so. I urge you to get this book, read it and digest it. It is available on this website and at

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