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Vitamin K Explained

Under-Eye-Capsules-from-Dr.-ElsonNot a great deal is known by the lay public about this very important vitamin. It was discovered about 100 years ago that this compound aided in clotting and received the name vitamin K from the German for clotting. There are 2 sources that provide this vitamin in the natural state: green, leafy vegetables and the bacteria that inhabit the GI tract. Since newborns have sterile GI tracts, all of them receive an injection of vitamin K to keep them from bleeding.

How does Vitamin K Work?

One of the manifestations of sun damage and aging skin is the breakage of blood vessels resulting in bruising especially over the backs of the hands by simply tapping the skin against something. I started doing research on this a couple of decades ago and found that topical vitamin K both speeded the healing and prevented the new formation of bruises when applied. I patented this and since then many companies have developed products that contain vitamin K.

It is important to note that there are a number of vitamin K’s, but the most effective one is vitamin K1, also known as phytonodiaone. When you have a product that lists vitamin K as one of its ingredients, be sure it is phytonodione. Most of the time it is metadione (Vitamin K2) and this is not effective. Also, the product should be yellow and must remain yellow as it is used or it has deteriorated and is not effective.

The Best Vitamin K Products

Vitamin K products have been used to treat the bruising due to the sun as discussed, but also to prevent and treat bruising from surgery, injections and laser treatments. It has also been shown to help prevent recurrence of broken blood vessels after spider vein injections in the legs. Additionally, one of the most common benefits has been decreasing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, especially when combined with vitamin A to make it absorb better. The combination is available on this website in the A/K capsules from Quintessence.

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